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Do I need a referral?

Private insurance: No referral required. Just call our office to get scheduled!

Worker's Compensation: A referral is required from the provider who originally or currently is treating your injury. 

Active Military/VA: This insurance requires an initial referral/authorization from your PCM.

Why do I need a driver?

The steroid used during procedures is very powerful, and often can cause dizziness, and delayed reaction. Neither of which we want you to experience while driving a car. For your safety we have a driver accompany you to your appointment and drive you home.

No driving and also no showering until the next day!

How do I know which procedure is right for me?

At your appointment, Dr. Kropp will do a full evaluation. This may include discussion or examination or your symptoms, medical history, medical records or review of recent study images and reports. From there Dr. Kropp will present all appropriate options, which may include a procedure. Each procedure is recommended is based on your specific case. 

Can I have my procedure the same day as my consult?

It depends. Our team works hard to offer same day procedures whenever possible! 

Private insurance: Some plans require prior authorization for certain procedures. The process includes our office submitting clinical information to the insurance to support the medical necessity of the procedure. The time line varies by insurer. Our office will work with your insurance to ensure authorization is obtained successfully before proceeding with the procedure. If no prior authorization is required, we do offer same day procedures for prepared patients.

Worker's Compensation:  Our office will contact your adjuster to verify if any authorizations are required for your specific claim. 

Active Military/VA:  This insurance always requires prior authorization, so same day procedures are not feasible. 

What if I have questions after my procedure?

We automatically schedule follow up appointments between 1-2 weeks (varies depending on procedure) - this appointment is the perfect time for questions. 

If you cannot wait for your follow up appointment, please reach out to our office via phone to speak to one of our medical assistants. 

You can also submit non emergent or general questions via email.

If you feel you need emergent care, do not wait for us to call or email you back, proceed to the nearest Emergency Room or dial 911.

Still have questions? Call us!

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